Welcome to my small visual world. My name is Mirko Beović and I will try to bring you my vision of both well-known and unknown places which I have visited around the world over the years – from the deserts of the Middle East to the capital of the United States, and from the Royal Car Museum in Amman, Jordan to a special report from the Geneva Car Show. Just search through galleries, FAQ or Photoblog articles and enjoy your visit.

Kind regards.

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Dragi moji, prvo Vam se želim ispričati zbog kašnjenja u objavi rezultata. Dio je tehničke, a dio privatne prirode ali bitno je da su rezultati naposljetku ipak tu :-).
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“.....ufff, preeeedobro, prelipo, presavrseno....svaka cast, mirko!!!”
marko hadjina: 
“Bok Mirko, izvrsne fotografije! Bio sam tu onih prvih dana kada se ovaj site pokrenuo i od onda je sve drasticno napredovalo.U buduce ću sigurno redovitije navraćati, makar po malo inspircije :)”
rich sestric: 
“subjects with a story told for the first time. one photo story would last for days. Hvala”
Edi Perinovic: 
“Great website and stuning photo's”
Frazer Wagg: 
“superb site, excellent photo's,beautiful country side”
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