Welcome to my small visual world. My name is Mirko Beović and I will try to bring you my vision of both well-known and unknown places which I have visited around the world over the years – from the deserts of the Middle East to the capital of the United States, and from the Royal Car Museum in Amman, Jordan to a special report from the Geneva Car Show. Just search through galleries, FAQ or Photoblog articles and enjoy your visit.

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Dragi moji, prvo Vam se želim ispričati zbog kašnjenja u objavi rezultata. Dio je tehničke, a dio privatne prirode ali bitno je da su rezultati naposljetku ipak tu :-).
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Visitor’s quotes

Carolina Beovic: 
“by the way, i think you're really very talented. you have taken some very spectacular pictures”
“I really like the pictures and they are really cool to look at.”
“lipo je osjetit toplinu doma... daleko od doma. samo naprid majstore”
“Slike su PREKRASNE !!!!!! S U P E R ......”
robert : 
“Evo rođak javljan se prvi put iako svako malo navratin na stranicu.Vrhunske slike jednostavno sve pet. pozdrav”
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