Frequently Asked Questions

Ambiental light

Ambiental light is available light that incurs without photographer's intervention, whether it is about .... Continue reading »

Automatic mode

Automatic mode is basic work mode on all digital cameras with wich we let camera itself to choose .... Continue reading »

Aperture priority

Aperture priority is mode that allows us to choose aperture in available range .... Continue reading »

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is relation between photography width and height. Compact digital cameras mostly use .... Continue reading »

Aperture (F)

Aperture (F) is the term that indicates the size of aperture on objective, which is directly associated with the amount of light that is going to fall on sensor. Bigger aperture brings ..... Continue reading »

AF assist lamp

Some brands came to idea how to improve a AF system in low light situations. They realised that idea with AF Assist lamp which emite a light of normal or infrared spectar..... Continue reading »


Autofocus(AF) is something without what we hardly can imagine using a camera today. But before not so long the AF was luxury and generations of great photographers..... Continue reading »