Battery is essential energy source for autonomy functioning of electronic devices. Today, almost all digital cameras use
rechargable Lithium-ion batteries, rechargable AA batteries or one-time basis AA batteries. One-time basis AA alkali batteries are
not the best solution for use in digital cameras, and they should be used only in emergency or as a back up. Reason for that
lies in their insufficient capacity, sensitivity and inadequate delivery of current of different intensity which is most
needed for functioning of digital camera.

Typical Li-ion battery

Rechargable AA batteries can be Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydrid) which are much better then NiCd (Nickel cadium) rechargable
batteries. The reason lies in fact that NiMh batteries have almost no memory effect and have twice more capacity then NiCd
battery. These batteries have 1.2V voltage, and their capacity is expressed in mAh (mili Amperehour), and it varies depending
on manufacturer and model of battery. So we have them in range from 1000 mAh to 2400 mAh. Recgargable Lithium-ion batteries
are the best solution because they are more lightweight, more compact, they last longer and have no memory effect. Few of
their rare disadvantages are bigger price, and the fact that they don't come in universal shape.

Set of Ni-Mh battery with charger