Exposure time

Exposure time indicates the amount of time sensor is exposed to light during photography. Duration of exposure time depends of manufacturer and model of camera therewith that better cameras have greater range (e.g. 1/8000 to infinite in Bulb mode) while compact cameras have smaller range which mostly goes from 1/1000 or 1/2000 to 15s. Adjusting this parameter enables us to achieve different effects.

Photography with 1/250s exposure time

For example at 1/1000 we will freeze almost any move while on longer exposures we will see the movement on photography (1/10s or longer). This feature is used alot when photographing water, where the adjustment changes can be best seen. So at 1/1000 we get frozen water where every drop can be seen, and at 1,5s we get fine silky preview of water flow.

Photography with 1s exposure time