Class: Junk

Category that indicates devices which will beside waste of money, which is less relevant if you ask me, create that feeling of shrinkage in stomach and emptiness in head when you realize what have you bought. Hence, here belong so called digital cameras which beside 5 interpolated mega pixel photographies can record video in HDTV quality, use as MP3 player, telephone secretary, web cam, 20x digital zoom and it brings you breakfast to bed in the morning. You will recognize those cameras by nice and colorful boxes on which are, in huge font, written all above mentioned functions, and by ultra boosted names like FX, mega, power, ultra, pro, spy, XP...You should by all means avoid buying devices from this category, but yet, if you have need to spend 100$, send them to me. You will be left without money anyway, but at least you'll have feeling you did a good deed, and not that feeling from the first sentence of this article.

Highly NOT RECOMENDED type of digital camera