Frequently Asked Questions

Back up

When I would need to choose one term from all in this FAQ, for which I would like readers to remember, then it would be this one.... Continue reading »


All DSLR cameras use bayonet for objective attaching. It can be .... Continue reading »


Bokeh is native Japanese term that indicates subjective aesthetic quality of .... Continue reading »


Speed of camera itself highly depends of buffer memory. After sensor accepts light and processor converts data into photography, it doesn't go .... Continue reading »

Burst mode

Burst mode is camera's ability to continuously take photographs while we're holding the.... Continue reading »


Bulb is manual triggering function, not present in lower class. This is about the fact .... Continue reading »


Bracketing indicates capability of taking one photograph with different .... Continue reading »


One of the file formats with official name Windows bitmap format.... Continue reading »


Battery is essential energy source for autonomy functioning of electronic devices. Today, almost all digital cameras use .... Continue reading »