Frequently Asked Questions

Color depth

Color depth is term that indicates reality of color display on digital photography. Quality of color display is closely related with .... Continue reading »


CMYK is color system that as primary colors takes Cyan(C), Magneta(M), Yellow(Y) and .... Continue reading »

Camera obscura

Camera obscura is term for first "camera" invented by Araps in 11. century. Actually it is about .... Continue reading »


This is category in which there is no room for compromises in any aspect. It is intended only for .... Continue reading »

Class: Middle DSLR

This is camera class with which, when using quality optics can be done most of professional errands.... Continue reading »

Class: Entry level DSLR

This is first step into DSLR world. These cameras are by the way considering features and capabilities usually under .... Continue reading »

Class: SLR like

If you ask me, this is the most and the best that compact world can offer. These cameras are distinctive .... Continue reading »

Class: Prosumer compact

Prosumer compact class is category in which are best quality compact cameras as far as concerning .... Continue reading »

Class: Ultra zoom

This is special class of cameras that can by quality be compared to higher middle class with addition of .... Continue reading »

Class: Higher middle compact

Higher middle class is category in which belong cameras that are distinctive by greater .... Continue reading »

Class: Trendy

Trendy cameras intended to be as small as possible and look as attractive as possible.... Continue reading »

Class: Middle compact

Middle compact class is category above entry level class. Distinctive by somewhat higher .... Continue reading »

Class: Entry level compact

Entry level is term that indicates lowest and cheapest class in some product category .... Continue reading »

Class: Junk

Category that indicates devices which will beside waste of money, which is less relevant if you ask me, create that feeling of .... Continue reading »

Chromatic aberration

Chromatic aberration is negative phenomenon that incures midst imperfection of .... Continue reading »


Converters are optical elements that allow focal points lenght increasement to wide or tele area.... Continue reading »


Contrast indicates range between the brightest and the darkest part of .... Continue reading »


Compression is the procedure that indicates compressing original files because of memory .... Continue reading »

Color temperature

Color temperature indicates light source temperature measured in Kelvins. As temperature gets .... Continue reading »

Central light measurement

Central light measurement is way of determining exposure that measures amount of light that falls on .... Continue reading »

Compact flash

Compact flash is most popular and most common card type.... Continue reading »