Frequently Asked Questions


EX is designation for Sigma objectives of highest class that try to compete with .... Continue reading »


EXIF (Exchange image file format), abbrevation that indicates standard for informations stored .... Continue reading »


E-TTL is abbrevation ( Evaluative Through The Lens) that indicates exposure .... Continue reading »


EF-S is abbrevation that indicates Canon objectives adjusted to .... Continue reading »


EF is abbrevation that indicates objectives intended for .... Continue reading »


EOS is term for popular Canon 35mm autofocus cameras. Abbrevation means Electro optical System and it is also name .... Continue reading »

Exposure compesation

Measuring light on cameras won't always be exact and if we rely only on it .... Continue reading »


Exposure is term that indicates amount of light sensor has recieved in correlation with how wide was aperture open and through what ..... Continue reading »

Exposure time

Exposure time indicates the amount of time sensor is exposed to light during photography. Duration of exposure time depends of manufacturer and model of camera ..... Continue reading »