Frequently Asked Questions

Memory efect

Memory effect is negative phenomenon related to batteries and which appears with some types of batteries after .... Continue reading »

Monochromatic photography

Monochromatic photography is photopgraphy that consists of .... Continue reading »


Moire is negative phenomenon that incures when object we photograph has more details than .... Continue reading »

Matrix light measurement

Matrix light measurement is the most complex light measurement system that will give .... Continue reading »

Manual mod

Manual mode is mode that gives us the best flexibility i.e. which enables .... Continue reading »

Macro lenses

Macro indicates objective's optical ability to show object we photograph in 1:1 ratio or higher.... Continue reading »

Multimedia card

MultiMediaCard (MMC) is type similar to SD but somewhat thiner.... Continue reading »


Developed by IBM, almost the same dimensions as CF 1 cards, it is actually ..... Continue reading »

Memory cards

Memory cards are film equivalent with analog photography, respectively media for storing .... Continue reading »

Manual focus

Manual focus is earliest way for focusing based on handly rotating a focus ring on lens. MF is sometimes unhandy and hard to use but with great ..... Continue reading »