Frequently Asked Questions

Spot light measurement

Spot light measurement is light measurement system that considers only .... Continue reading »

Shutter priority

Shutter priority is mode that allows us to choose exposure time in available range.... Continue reading »

Slave flash

Slave flash is additional flash used for extra illumination of the scene and it works .... Continue reading »

Slow sync flash

Slow sync flash is special flash mode that enables us longer exposure times, which is particularly useful .... Continue reading »


SLR (Single lens reflex) are cameras that uses changable objectives and has abilities and features as well as photography quality which generally can't be achieved with compact cameras.... Continue reading »

Secure digital

This media storage type provides fast data transfer, and has built in protection from illegal .... Continue reading »

Sony memory stick

Jet another standard forced by Sony, but currently made by other manufacturers too..... Continue reading »


With bigger surface, but alot thiner than CF cards, and more sensitive than ... Continue reading »


Instead of films, digital cameras use a electronic device which is a sensitive on light. That device converting a light energy.... Continue reading »